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Fittero, Ltd. produces both industrial and garden sliding gates.
Leafs of sliding gates are made of steel tubes. Standard gates up to 4 m are made of 40x40 mm square tubes, if it is industrial gates, then tubes size varies. Industrial gates are within the range of 4.5 – 10 m. There is possible other solutions, for example, gates made of aluminum for weight reduction.
All gates are painted using powder paint, which is environment friendly and economic. Multi-layer powder paint coat provides excellent corrosion protection as well as long guaranty period. Usually powder paint is applied using electrostatic method followed by hot drying for provision of hard coat. Powder owes thermoplastic properties.

Construction of sliding gates is in accordance with the customer’s and operation safety requirements. Structure of sliding gates is made of high quality aluminum (Al Mg Si 0.5 F22 Natur) and steel and has uniform, smooth, and right surfaces. All welding connections are in accordance with necessary quality requirements. Welding joints are grinded (SNiP – II – 23 - 87). All elements are screwed together using screws of proper diameter and accuracy (DIN 6914). For sliding gates are used fittings and systems of TorTec Company (Germany), which mechanical elements of locks is made of rust-proof metal and hinges are from stainless steel or hot galvanized.