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For the customers, FITTERO offers setting, repair and service:
  • A section-rising gate and automatics of a gate
  • rolling up jalousies
  • rolling up doors for fast entrance of PVC kind
  • PVC doors with strips
  • A territorial gate and their automatics
  • Barriers
  • Loading ramps
  • Scissor-shaped lifters

FITTERO priority is to offer our clients service, having concluded the treaty on service. The main argument of the conclusion of the treaty is to give long term of operation on given production, and also feeling of safety for customers which is connected to their property. Our company serves production of a wide spectrum of the companies, as Nassau , Stertil, Marco, Torverk, Faac, Mesvac, Novoferm, Thermoline, Eurotherm, Besam, Tormax, Crawford, Horman, Came, Nice and others. FITTERO Ltd. is the only dealer of the Nassau , Stertil, Marco, Faac, Mesvac spare parts in Latvia.

Our main clients with whom FITTERO has concluded contracts on service and repair:
  • Latvijas Banka
  • CSDD
  • Aldaris
  • Rimi Latvia
  • Citymarket
  • Coca Cola Dzērieni
  • Latvenergo
  • DHL Latvia
  • Dinaz degvielas uzpildes stacijas
  • Nelss
  • Air Baltic
  • ABB
  • Linstow Varner
  • Nordic Industrial Park
  • Centrālā reģiona ceļi
  • Latvijas Nacionālā Aizsardzības Akadēmija
  • Latvijas Finieris
  • Valmieras Stikla Šķiedra
  • Rīgas Piena Kombināts
  • Launkalne Sawmill

During maintenance service, FITTERO offers the following works:

The section-rising gates, doors and jalousie:
  • Full check of work of a gate
  • Check of all detailed fastenings
  • Regulation of gate balance
  • Check of cables and rollers condition, as well as regulation
  • Check of the compacting condition
  • Lagging of screws
  • Adjustment of the vertical guard rails level
  • Lagging of springs
  • Oiling of all moving segments
  • Regulation of the personal door's closing mechanism
  • Identification of the general damages of a gate and giving the list of the damages to the customer
  • Additional points for the devices with an electricity cable

  • Check of the driving gear of engine
  • Check of the bounded switches
  • Check of automatics and regulation
  • Check of adhesion
  • Check of buttons, switches and the receiver
  • Check of oil in the drive gear box and addition if it is necessary
  • Check of safety system
  • Identification of damages
  • Check of the control block
  • Identification of the general damages of a gate and giving the list of the damages to the customer