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Section gates FITTERO are high quality industrial and garage gates. Section gate FITTERO look excellently and are suitable for any landscape because each garage gate or a gate of industrial buildings are made under the special order, taking into account customer's wish and feature of a building. Gates are characterized by safety, durability, an aesthetic look and optimal thermal protection .

Rising gates move easily upwards and downwards, it does not need a lot of place for their opening and closing. Neither a snow, nor ice, and also the automobile located at a gate cannot prevent their opening and closing. Torsion-shaped compensating spring which helps to lift a gate of any size and weights works in regular intervals provides easy opening to the gates. In standard complete set of a gate are included hotly - zinced springs which is steady against corrosion. Durability of springs is up to 10000 cycles of opening and closing of a gate (a standard complete set - up to 25000 cycles). Shock-absorbers of springs which are set into the ends of guard rails, amortize a gate during the opening. It is possible to provide a gate with the different keys both internal, and external.

Basic elements of a gate's construction are lamellas which are connected to hinges. The surface of internal and external section is covered with the sheet steel similar on stucco. The surface of steel protects a covering of a polymeric paint from influence of an atmosphere. Thickness of section 40 mm, height ? = 500 mm. or 610 mm. Thickness of a steel plate of 0,55 mm. Three kinds of a gate are available: section without windows, section with windows, aluminium frame with full glass cover. Small windows are advantage to a factory gate. Such gates better fit in surrounding and provide optimal illumination of premises.

There is an opportunity to set in a gate a personal door which will give additional convenience; the Size of such door usually is 850 X 200 mm. (width X the height) also opens outside. The frame and a threshold of a personal door are made from aluminium. The door is equipped with the water seal, the handle and a key.

As the material of thermal protection polyurethane is used. It is friendly for environment and does not contain freon. The main coefficient of FITTERO gate's heat K=0,48W/m2K.

Rubber condensation which is steady against influence of time circumstances, practically does not allow wind and precipitations penetration inside, prevents the lose of heat. All FITTERO condensation of a gate maintains fluctuation in temperature from -30C to +50C.

Rubber condensation of a gate     Rubber condensation of a gate     Rubber condensation of a gate

Coefficient of isolation of a sound of FITTERO gate RW=-25dB.


Color palette

     FITTERO gates are available in two standard colors white and brown. At the request of the customer the gate can be recoloured in all colors

In addition it is possible to equip a gate with:

  • Automatics of a gate,
  • Chain mechanism for gate's rising,
  • The protective mechanism from deterioration of valve,
  • The protective mechanism from deterioration of a cable which is necessary for a factory big sized gates.



Standard lift (SL)                     


Standard lift (SL)

Standard lift is the most widespread kind of lifts. A gate of such kind does not increase the standard price.Space above an aperture of a gate between the overlapping and a ceiling (further: free space) should depend on height of a gate, 370 - 700 mm.

High lift (HL)      


High lift (HL)

It is suitable for factory and industrial premises, for using of the maximal height of premises. Gate is made according to features of an aperture. Free premises, depending on heights of a door, at least 700 mm.

Low lift (LH)  


Low lift (LH)

It is suitable for premises where it is not enough place between a surface of an aperture and a gate. Free space depends on height of a gate, at least 180 - 370 mm. 

Vertical lift (VL)             

Vertical lift (VL)

It is the most suitable lift in case of high ceilings. The plate of a gate moves vertically upward by its height. A free space is up to ceilings, height of aperture H + 500 mm.

Special lift (SP)              


Special lift (SP)

This lift bypasses barriers (for example a pipe), in such cases a gate is made specially, taking into account concrete barriers. Such lift is usually used in buildings with inclined roof and made according to an inclination of a roof. In case of such lift, a free space should be at least 200 mm., depending on the size of a gate.


  • The contact surface of the top condensation should be in the same plane, as well as a plane of vertical way setting.
  • If the complete set of a gate includes chain mechanism or the motor, they can be attached later, then the premises (F) on the sides should be 280 - 350 mm.
  • The surface of a floor under the bottom condensation of a gate should be plane.

Requirements to the place of the gate setting


G - a free place above an aperture of a gate up to a ceiling
E - Depth of a premise
F - On the sides of an available free place up to a wall at least 100 mm.
L - Width of aperture
H - Height of an aperture




Section-rising gate FITTERO has 2 year warranty

Manufacturing, delivery and assembling takes 2 weeks. SIA "FITTERO" skilled experts are engaged in assembling of a gate.

To provide durability and convenient use of a gate, FITTERO advises to pass technical preventive maintenance of a gate 2 up to 4 times a year, depending on intensity of use and predominant microclimate of premises. At the request of the customer it is possible to conclude the treaty with SIA FITTERO about preventive maintenance of a gate on the basis of which, experts SIA FITTERO will periodically make it. SIA FITTERO is engaged in repair and preventive maintenance of any type of a gate, as well as delivery of spare parts.